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Me: Dinky is excited to have these activities here for you, and more on the way!  Please keep in touch by liking cynthiaportbooks on FB and/or joining my email list (go to Kibble Talk to me to sign up!).
Right, Dinky?
Dinky: Exactly.
Me: With this coloring page, you get to put words in Dinky's mouth!
Dinky: That's nice, but I'd rather you put food in my mouth.
What is Dinky Saying 
Coloring Page
Me: This one has a lot of fun detail.
Dinky: Plus I am ruling over the
world, which is as it should be.
Dinky and the Earth Coloring Page
Me: Here you are about to do one of your favorite activities.
Dinky: Well, SOMEONE has to do it!
Dinky and the Flowers Coloring Page
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