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Kibble Talk

When Tawny decides to do something, she does it.  So when her best friend Jenny dares her to eat dog kibble, down it goes! YUCK!  Little does she know how that dusty, tasteless lump will change her life. Suddenly she can hear and talk to dogs! This might not be such a big deal, except that her own dog, an enormous Great Dane named Dinky, has a LOT to say.  He lets her know right away that his fondest wish is to be a tiny lap dog. Tawny promises to help him, and her life nearly goes to the dogs.  


A story about friendship and family, Book 1 in the Kibble Talk series will have everyone howling with laughter. Perfect for readers aged 7 to 12, or as a read-a-loud. 

Secrets will be revealed! Fondest wishes will be fulfilled! Permacrud will be . . . what the heck is permacrud, anyway?


Find out in Dog Goner, the hilarious sequel to Kibble Talk. Tawny and Jenny, along with their dogs Dinky and Gunner, have set themselves on a mission.  But there’s someone else with a fondest wish, and they’ll do ANYTHING to get it. Can Dinky save the day before he becomes a dog goner? Dog Gone Dinky is a fast moving and funny fiction story perfect for readers aged 7 to 12 or as a read-a-loud.

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